My first android game : Touch Ball

I wanted to make this game for quite a long time now but didn’t have the skills required. But I watched many tutorials on and started making simple apps first and now finally made the game I wanted to make. My cousin Saurabh Kulkarni had made a game as his mini project during his engineering. I have used the same basic concept and added my own touch to it. Doing assignments given by Abhay Abhyankar Sir on matrices also helped me to develop this game.

Resources used for developing the game:

  • Android Studio 2.3
  • libGdx

LibGdx is a java game development framework. There are other options but I used this one.

You can download different fonts for free from

About the game:


Game Screen


The red number on the left top of the screen is the timer. Number of timers increases when the ball increase.

Left bottom number is the score and the right bottom number are the lives.


The design of the game was done mostly by Rucha Bhagwat. Special thanks to her.

How to play:

  1. Your score increases when you touch the ball. If you miss it you lose a life.
  2. Touch the ball before the timer gets to 0. Otherwise the game is over! Timer is reset when you touch the ball.
  3. When you successfully touch the ball the direction of the ball may change and the speed of the ball increases by a bit.
  4. When another ball is added another timer of that same ball colour will be added. So now you have to keep watch on both of the timers. Touch the ball of that same colour before the timer gets to 0.


Click here to download: 


I hope you like the game. I will try to make it more fun in the next update. Please give feedback for any bugs.

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